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Recycling: 104% productivity gain in 1 week

  • June 23, 2016
  • matt girvan
  • Operations

Client – One of the largest electronics recycling firms in the US (>$100M) wanted our help and our kaizen approach.

Challenge – There was a need to reduce the cost of recycling PC and laptop hard drives, cable TV boxes and high powered computers.

Solution – we held a multi-kaizen event: 1 week with 3 teams working in 3 work cells. The teams studied material flow, processing, tools, work operation and staff in great detail. They then developed hundreds of ideas to improve & then implemented with a high sense of urgency.

Result – Each work cell was able to reduce time to recycle by at least 50%, therefore improving average productivity by 104%.  Furthermore, the team size went from 11 to 5 , allowing staff to move to key needed positions.